Growing up in Texas her family was always full of life and love.  As she dreamed to follow in her parents foots steps she knew hard work and dedication were the key to success. Family has always been very important to her and plays a huge role in her life. She comes from a rather large family. Her Grandma had 9 children and of course they all have kids. She has seen what sacrificing and doing without really means.  When she was 12 years old her family moved to Missouri for a climate change and more job opportunities. She had to start from ground up making new friends and surroundings herself with positive people. She was blessed to be a mother but at times being a single parent had its battles. She stayed strong in her faith and always tried to remain humble. It is very important that her values and beliefs stay distilled in her children. Amanda has a passion for living life to the fullest and making every day count as if you had a second chance. Having been a previous business owner she found herself wanting to do something more. So time was set aside and she fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a realtor.

    Amanda is a daughter, sister, mother and wife. She and her husband live on a small farm in Strafford with their 2 daughters. They enjoy raising cows, sheep, and English bulldogs. In the summer the family enjoys camping at the lake, swimming, and spending quality time together.  

    Amanda builds friendships and finds the positive in everyone. She has a contagious laugh and is sure to make you smile.  She understands the value of time and will make sure every moment is cherished.

    If you’re ready to make a change in the right direction call Amanda 417-830-0722. She will be dedicated to make this transition for you and your family memorable in every way.


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